The AMI200/300S is a low-cost tool designed to detect  macro defects created during the edch/litho process on both sides of the wafer and on the edge as well. It detects defects such as scratches, particles, color discoloration, and more.

The AMI200/300S can be used as an integrated or stand-alone tool.


  • Designed to operate in clean room class 1
  • Inspection Mode : Automated, 100% wafer’s surface macro inspection
  • Inspection method : Bright field – wafer front side and back side, Dark field – wafer front side and back side
  • Minimum defect size : ~20u
  • Wafer size : 200 or 300mm
  • Throughput: up to 160WPH
  • Wafer transfer: Robotic handler
  • FAB Host communication : SECS/GEM Protocol
  • Cassette barcode reader : Option
  • Alignment: Wafer Notch alignment
  • Number of load-ports: 1 (2 option)
  • Foot print: 135X87cm (200mm)